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6 Simple Ways To Lose Weight

Each person has their own natural weight. By calculating your BMI, you would be able to find out if you’re within the healthy boundaries or whether you’re over your recommended limit. If you’re overweight, this means that your body isn’t in its most healthy form and is susceptible to various health problems and conditions. If you need to lose weight, fear not. Here are some simple ways you can go about it:

More Protein

Your first move should be to introduce more protein into your diet because it helps fill you up faster, therefore reducing your appetite. Research has shown that people with a high protein diet eat 400 fewer calories! And this is on a per day basis alone! Biologically, having a high-protein diet would also lead to weight loss because when we eat, we burn calories to digest our food and metabolize proteins. Therefore, the more proteins we eat can increase your metabolism rate by 80 to 100 calories in a day. For those who don’t know, the metabolism rate is the rate at which you burn calories or energy.

Whole Foods

Another great way to lose weight is to introduce whole foods like whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables into your diet. Whole foods are usually plant foods that are unprocessed and unrefined- you won’t see them being made in a factory. Whole foods are filling, therefore they help reduce your need for more unhealthy, processed foods with sugars and added fats. And of course, they are quite healthy so they supply your body with nearly all its needs. Processed foods instead are more likely to promote addictive eating, which will land you with more calories than are recommended.

Healthy Snacks

There’s no way you’re not going to get hungry between meals. Some people would ask you to drink a glass of water to temporarily fill you up when this happens. But this can only work for so long. It’s better to stock up on healthy snacks, like yogurt, fruits, nuts etc. for when anyone in the house gets hungry. This way, you can reduce unhealthy snacking.

More Water

By drinking more water, science findings dictate that you’re more likely to burn 24–30% more calories for an hour afterwards. Drinking water before meals can also reduce how much you tend to consume during and it is also a healthy replacement for sugary and fizzy drinks (which definitely do not aid weight loss in any way).

More Activity

And of course, you could do all of the above but it would be useless if you weren’t active as well. If you’re not confident enough to go to the gym or you’re looking to save up on expenses, get yourself a mobile personal trainer perth. They can come guide you through a fitness program guaranteed to help you lose weight.

More Coffee

Coffee is full of antioxidants, therefore despite past rumors, can be quite healthy for you. By drinking more coffee, you increase your energy levels and give your body more of a chance to burn off excess calories. Drinking black coffee will also significantly help prevent weight gain as it has close to zero calories yet fills you up fast.

Follow these simple steps and stay committed to them- you will undoubtedly see results in a matter of months, if not weeks.

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