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6 Useful Things That Everyone Should Learn How to Do

Most of us go through our lives by acquiring the bare minimum in terms of skills and knowledge. As a result, we’re pretty much useless when we’re faced with new challenges. Even if pretty much all information is accessible to us with the press of a few buttons, it takes time and practice to learn useful skills- skills that’ll not only make our lives easier but fun and exciting as well.

Hence, we went ahead and made a list of few things that we think everyone (regardless of what age or gender) should spend time learning:


In the age of microwave dinners and cheap fast food, this can sometimes seem like a useless skill. However, learning to cook still has its benefits. First and foremost, you can make some healthy meals for yourself without having to spend a lot at a nice restaurant. Also, it’s extremely satisfying when you’re able to construct a complex dish all by yourself!

Basic First-Aid

If you know how to perform CPR and other first-aid techniques, then you might just save someone’s life one day. We can never predict whether or not we’ll find ourselves in situations where we’ll have to perform basic first-aid: a loved one could suddenly experience an acute heart attack or a stranger in a restaurant could start choking. The question is, will you be able to act quickly and save them?

Hence, we think that each and every one should enrol in a proper training course and get a first aid certificate. It could mean the difference between life and death someday.


A surprising number of adults all over the world have no idea how to swim or even tread water. Swimming is an essential skill and could one day save your life. Plus, it’s so much fun and easy to learn!

Surviving in the Wilderness

Even if you think you’ll never go camping, it can still be useful to learn a few outdoor survival skills. This includes building a fire using sticks, pitching a tent and finding out what sort of vegetation is safe to eat.

Changing a Tyre

If you’re an adult, then you absolutely must learn how to replace a tyre. Picture this: you’re driving through a remote area and all of a sudden, a tyre blows out. You try to call for help but there’s no cell phone coverage and no other cars seem to be driving by. If you know how to change a tyre, then you won’t be stranded for more than fifteen minutes or so. Otherwise, your only hope would be to wait for a miracle.

Handling Your Finances

If you don’t learn how to be responsible with money, then you might fall into financial ruin in the future. That’s why you should at least learn how to create an expenditure spreadsheet and make a habit of tracking your expenses.

One basic trick to keep your finances in check is to split your monthly income into essential and non-essential spending and prioritize the former.

And there you have it- six useful skills that everyone should spend time learning!

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