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Best Type of Pants for Pregnant Mothers

When you are pregnant, you will have to do some changes in your wardrobe. You can’t wear your regular pair of skinny jeans anymore and instead has to shop for clothes that are comfortable on you. But this does not mean only have to wear dresses and skirts either. There are some great types of pants that are both stylish and comfortable which you can try on during pregnancy. Read below to find out.

Harem Pants

Harem pants are some of the greatest types of pants to wear during pregnancies. They are loose and have expandable waists so you don’t have to worry about them being too tight around the waist. Also, they are great for hot days in summer or spring. Especially if you are a fashionista who do not want to let go of your everyday style and till want to look trendy even during your pregnant months, this is a good item to try on. Harem pants are the right combination of comfortable and stylish.


Do not worry about not having to wear tights during pregnancy because it is alright to wear tight fitting clothes as long as they are not making you uncomfortable or restrict your movements. If you already have a pair or two you will be able to wear them until your third or fourth month. Once they do not fit you anymore, you can invest in a pair of maternity leggings. These come with back and belly support and are made specially to keep pregnant moms comfortable so you don’t have to worry about them being too right around the belly, waist or the back.

Maternity Jeans

These are jeans that have space for your growing belly and are only tight around the legs. These will help pregnant mothers comfortable as they gain weight, prevent varicose, and can combat leg pressure. They are also known to be good with water retention which is a common difficulty during pregnant times. So even though you have to give up on your regular pair of skinny jeans, you can still wear jeans that are designed for pregnant moms so you don’t have to give up jeans entirely. Look for jeans that have wide waistbands that can be stretched easily.

Yoga Pants

These are a great type of clothing to invest in for quick trips outside such as a quick run to the supermarket. Also, doing some yoga during pregnancy is known to be a great exercise for relaxing your muscles as well as improving your emotional health so you might want to add yoga pants to your pregnancy shopping list. Yoga pants are not restrictive over the baby bump and are soft, providing you the right amount of comfort when you have to do exercises or even run quick errands. But make sure you try out the pants before buying them as yoga pants that are too tight are not breathable and is restrictive.

Just because you are pregnant it does not mean you need to limit your clothes to skirts and dresses. If you shop correctly, you can still wear your favourite types of pants.

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