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Essential Items to Bring With You to the Gym

Taking the right kind of equipment with you to the gym is important to have a productive session. You don’t want to take too many items and make your gym bag too heavy or to leave out anything and then not being able to enjoy your time at the gym. To make the decision easy for you, here are a list of the essential items that you should take with you to the gym.

Comfortable Clothes

First things you should have ready are comfortable clothes to wear while you work out. Make sure to buy something that allows you free movement, but are not too loose either. If the clothes make you too hot, those will not fit for workout either. When buying ladies gym wear such as leggings, make sure they are not too tight and do ‘squat tests’ before you purchase them. You don’t always have to pick well-known brands. If the clothes are comfortable and fits you well, that is enough for a good workout.


The most important tip to remember is try on your shoes before you purchase them. If you are ordering online, then make sure you include the right shoes size. Having the wring shoe size while working out can get you into trouble such as causing sprains. If you are just beginning in the gym, having a foam, padded shoe will be enough for general workout. There are different kinds of shows that are designed specifically for different activity, such as for weight lifting or for treadmill. As you continue your routine at the gym, you can move on to these designs.

Water Bottle

Working out will require you to stay hydrated throughout the entire time. Which is why you need to have a bottle of water ready with you whenever you want to take a sip or two doing a break. One hour of exercising can make you lose at least a quarter of the water in your body, dehydration can leave you feeling tired, dizzy and lack coordination and you will not be able to have a successful exercise session. But with adequate amount of water to drink before, during and after working out, you can stay hydrated and energetic during the session.


A towel is one of the gym essentials that most people forget. One of the things you should avoid doing in the gym is using the equipment without a towel and leaving them sweaty, wet and gross for the next person who will use them. Most gyms even have a policy of ‘no towel no workout’ due to this. So make sure to pack a towel in your bag before you leave for exercise. A small workout towel will be more than enough and there is no need to carry large towels with you.

These are the most essential items that you should not forget when you leave for the gym. Apart from these must-take items you can add a good playlist with a pair of headphones, deodorant, and a fitness tracker to your list as well.

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