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Every Beginner Needs To Read This Before Their Next Work Out

Not only is exercising a good way to destress yourself, because we all know how hard life can be. But also, a means of feeling great about your body- this is obviously its greatest advantage. With working out, you’ll learn how every inch of your body works and with every blood, sweat and tears you put into it, you’ll see the difference you make- appreciating yourself like you never have before.

it would be a shame if you go into it, investing your all if you don’t really know what you’re doing. This happens to so many people and they all say they wish to have found this out sooner. As you keep on reading and you find out they’re one of them, it’s okay! Sooner is better than never. Let’s get started, shall we?

What Should Your Diet Be Like?

If you ask anyone, they’ll tell you how important your diet is if you want to see any results. If you think about it, isn’t that obvious? Your meals are the nourishment you put inside your body- so how can you grow and better yourself if you don’t give yourself the proper nutrition to succeed? Can a tree become big and strong without proper sunlight?

That’s why you should make sure that your meals are balanced. And don’t fall trap to avoiding carbs, thinking its horrendous for you. This is a myth- you need it. If you’re a little over your ideal weight, then just find out how much your daily calorie intake should be and drop it by 200-400 calories. Of those daily calories, you need to know that 40% protein is ideal.

If you’re thinking about getting a little more ‘muscley’- that’s not for you. You need to eat over your daily requirement, making your diet consist of 2.2 g of protein per kg of your weight. This may seem difficult to do by just eating regular foods, so you can buy protein supplements online.

What Should Your Workout Look Like?

As your diet is the most important step, that obviously doesn’t mean that you can lose weight without putting in the work. Now, how exactly should you be ‘putting in the work’

If your goal is to lose weight- dropping a few sizes, then your workout should consist mostly of cardio. That doesn’t mean you should avoid any form of weight training. You should incorporate the two so that you become toned as the fat burns off. For this, I recommend 3/5 days as cardio, the rest being resistance training

if you’re looking to build muscle, you need weight training. You also need to make sure that you work out a specific muscle group on an individualized day. Such as Mondays for arms, Wednesday for legs. You need to work the weights until you feel a burn, because then you know you’re working your muscles. Why? because muscle only grows once put under stress.

With that all in your arsenal, are you ready for results?

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