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Helping Out: An Approach to Addiction Treatment

The journey towards healing is a long and a tough one. In fact, some do not even make it through this tough and long road towards addiction treatment. If you think about it, it is easier to give in to your innermost desire than to suppress it. Remember, it is never easy to win a battle with yourself. Most of the time, the mind loses. Then again, the approach to addiction treatment suggests how you can help a friend who has developed an addiction. Here are the steps that you should take note of.

Treatment Initiation

The first step is always the hardest. When you reach out to your friend, it is important that you recommend the proper alcohol rehabilitation in Melbourne to him. Remember that the first stage begins once your friend enters the facility. During the first few hours, days, and weeks, he may find it easier to give up the treatment. Your friend might even convince himself that his addiction is not as worse as the others who are in the facility. Although this is common among those afflicted, your friend should be cautious of this self-denial, as this could hinder him in finishing the initial stage of the treatment process. In this stage, it is important that your friend builds up the commitment to endure and to complete the treatment process.

Start Abstaining

Although the initial stage is a tough one, this stage is also a challenging one. In this stage, your friend should learn to let go of all vices even though cravings and dependence could trigger him to revert to his old ways. In most facilities, an in-house counsellor will help your friend cope with these triggering factors. The addiction counsellor will teach your friend with lifelong tips to help him conquer the triggering factors.

Keep on Abstaining

Truth be told, starting to abstain and keep on abstaining are two different yet challenging stages. Sometimes, it is easy to start the abstinence. Your friend might think that he must simply avoid the vices. True enough, but the question is, how long can he endure it? The goal of this stage is for your friend to maintain his good job of abstinence for 90 days. There will be warning signs that will come his way. These signs will tempt him to return to his old ways; however, he should restrain himself at all costs. That’s the challenge of this stage.


This stage will come in after five consecutive years of abstinence. At this point, it is assumed that you have mastered the skill of self-restriction, and you have employed the tools and skills necessary to cope with the temptations. This stage will pave the way for your new beginnings. Just keep up the good work to avoid any relapse.

Keep in mind that the process of recovery is a lifelong process. Things are easier said than done. Encourage your friend and never let him think that he is a hopeless case. There is still hope for those kinds of people. They just must possess the drive to start anew and be guided through the process of recovery.

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