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How to Get Smooth Skin in 4 Simple Steps

Uneven skin tones in the form of acne scars, blemishes from the sun or redness can be brought on by multiple unavoidable factors. You could be born with a hormonal imbalance that causes breakouts, it could be your age or even the punishing sun beating down on your skin! No matter what the source is, there’s always steps you can be taking to even out your complexion as much as possible to give yourself a much smoother feel.


We’ll start things off with a simple lifestyle change- get more water into your system. All those chaos-ridden days where you don’t have time to eat, much less pour a glass of water must come to an end. A minute taken off to hydrate yourself consistently is rather important so you can keep your body moisturized from the inside out. It’s also important to work on penetrating your inner layers from the outer surface as well if you want a well-rounded sense of hydration and you can do this by using moisturizers in your daily routine. This will help ease any redness and see to any clogged pores you might have.

Reduce On Unhealthy Foods

Avoiding things like junk foods or sugary foods completely might be completely out of the question for most people so we’re going to aptly suggest reducing because certain foods have a tendency to trigger skin conditions like that dreaded uneven skin. For example, alcohol tends to give people a flushed face, nonorganic dairy products can have growth hormones and sugary foods can give way to wrinkles. Vitamin C is well known for boosting the skin’s health so when you get hungry next time, try some oranges for a snack!

Beauty Products

One thing that is guaranteed to cause skin irritation and leave behind blemishes is poor quality beauty and skin care products. From your makeup to your soaps, always be mindful of the ingredients used in these products and as much as possible, try to use organically sourced products. This way, you’ll have a guarantee that what you’re using on your body is purely natural and good for you in the long term. Check out paw paw JR to start yourself started off with some natural creams and soaps!


If you haven’t been getting enough sleep, it will definitely show on your face through some emphasized bags under the eyes and dark circles. Don’t try to conceal these with beauty products. Instead work on a more natural method that will ensure you get more sleep because getting a good amount of sleep is vital to fight against fatigue and will give your skin a healthy glow. Get some exercise into your daily routine and avoid the caffeine for a few days. This will tire you out so you’ll be able to get a full night’s sleep. You could also try popping an allergy pill to get a good night’s rest but it’s highly recommended that you don’t do this consecutively or routinely as that will give way to side effects like sleepwalking, increased tolerance (therefore, reduced efficiency) and daytime drowsiness, to name a few.

With just these 4 steps ingrained into your lifestyle, you’ll notice remarkable changes in your health! But remember, this change takes time so you need to be consistent in your efforts. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes!

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