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How To Make Your Workout More Effective

Working out at the gym is less about your workout time and more about your workout effectiveness- many people tend to forget this. If you want to get fitter and leaner but you’re not seeing any differences, chances are you’re not doing enough to up the effectiveness of your program so here are ways you can do just that.

Time Limit

Give yourself a time limit of 30 to 40 minutes. People that stretch their workouts for longer than this, means they’re not getting as much benefit out of the session. This is because they have to lower the intensity of their workout to be able to go that long in the first place. So by giving yourself a shorter time to work with, you’re also allowing yourself to push at a higher intensity.

Build Up

You need a solid base of endurance first. You can’t just attempt to dive into the deep end without learning how to swim. Ideally, your beginning pace should allow you to talk without being out of breath. Once you’ve established this, then it’s a clear sign that you’re meant to up the intensity of your workout. In cycling or running this usually means spending a month beforehand to build up your endurance before challenging yourself.


If you want to push your body and challenge your limits, you need to start by adding enough fuel to energize your workouts. Start drinking protein shakes so you can build up your muscles successfully while working out. And remember not to neglect your carbs too, especially if you’re attempting high-intensity workouts. You need to give your body enough energy to be able to go through with the effort needed.


Scientists have found out that listening to music during your workout can definitely help your performance. This is presumed to be because music releases hormones that lift your mood and help you feel less tired. This helps you work out longer than you would without. So make sure to purchase yourself a sturdy pair of wireless sport headphones that can keep up with the workout.

Heavier Weights

You should always start off with lower weights so you can work on building up a good form. After you secure this, you can work on lifting the heaviest weights within your capabilities. But remember, don’t sacrifice good form for heavyweights. Good form combined with heavy weights will give you the right results and in the shortest time too.

Compound Exercises

Why isolate your muscles with different exercises when you can work out multiple groups at once? Exercises like squats, deadlifts, lunges etc. all work more than one muscle and gives you a proper body workout in reduced time. This is also a more realistic way of exercising because in the real world, your body uses multiple muscles to function at once.

These are all great ways to make your workout effective but don’t forget to mix things up every now and then so you keep challenging yourself!

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