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How You Can Improve Your Sleep Without Surgery

Snoring is a problem that many adults face. This is caused once air flows over your throat when you sleep and make the stress-free tissues in your throat to vibrate. However, most people face sleeping disturbance due to snoring and it can also be a sign of other health issue such as obesity, obstructive sleep apnoea or blocked airways or even sleep deprivation. Fortunately, there are many improve your sleep without having to face a surgery. Take a look at the following treatment methods to find out.

Lifestyle Changes

There are few changes in your lifestyle of your posture that you can try changing to improve your sleep. One of these practices include sleeping on your side. Sleeping on your back sometimes result in your tongue moving to the back of your throat partly blocking the airway. Instead, sleeping on your side can allow the air to floe without any disturbance. Another remedy is to raise your head when you are sleeping. Keeping your head four inches can also keep your airways open and help you to sleep comfortably. You can also try avoiding sedative or sleeping pills before you sleep.

Change Your Eating Habits

If you are overweight, then this might be the reason for your snoring. This will help to remove the amount of tissue in the throat that might be obstructing your air flow and cause you to snore. Reducing your daily calorie intake, sticking to a balanced diet and regular exercising can help you to reduce weight healthily. Try consulting a doctor or a nutritionist for more advice on how to lose weight. They will direct you to regular meal plans and other practices you should start to gain a healthy body weight. You might also have to reduce the consumption of alcohol too, especially before you go to sleep.

Nasal Strips or External Nasal Dilator

Stick on nasal strips are strips that can be placed on the bridge of the nose to increase the space in the nasal passage. This is another way to ensure that the air flow is not disturbed. The increased space in your nasal passage can help you to breath properly when sleeping. Another remedy is to use an external nasal dilator. This is an adhesive strip that is applied across the nostrils on top of your nose. Nasal dilators can remove any resistance against airflow making it easier for you to breath when sleeping.

Laser Treatments

If none of the above remedies work for you and you still want to avoid surgery then try consulting a place that offers laser snoring treatment Sydney. You will have to go for multiple sessions to complete the treatment but the procedure is well known for its effectiveness. This method enlarges the space of the oropharynx. This procedure is simpler and more painless than surgery and is cheaper too.  While some might experience a case of sore throat after the treatment, patients will not have to change any of their usual habits after the treatment. You will still be able to eat, speak and continue other daily habits.

You don’t have to worry about your sleep being disturbed by your snoring anymore. Try the remedies given above and you will be able to sleep as comfortably as you like. You can also try consulting a doctor before trying out some of the medical procedures mentioned above if you are unsure what will work best on your condition.

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