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Key information on building an accessible home

Having an elderly or having a person who is differently abled living in an ordinary house will cause a lot of difficulties. Therefore, it is important that you make the right changes to the house that will make everyone feel comfortable in getting their work done and will also help in creating a welcoming and a safe environment in their own home.

If you are not happy with the home and the experience that your loved one will be getting, it is time that you make some great improvements to your house that will promote Independent Living which will make the life better of anyone who is differently abled. Below is some key information on building the perfect accessible home:

The front door

A trouble that most who use a wheelchair or any other supporting equipment go through is not being able to get through the front door. Therefore, the foremost change that you should make to the house is to widen the front entrance to the house. This will help the wheelchair users enter the house without having to go through any trouble. Moreover, it is best if you can create a step less path to the entrance which will make things a lot better as well. Having added a slope instead of steps will bring in another benefits such as making it easier to transport heavy objects in and outside of the house.

Focus on the parking

Another common issue faced by individuals who are differently abled is not having the right facilities to park the vehicle. This is common when it comes to their homes and also when it comes public places. Therefore, it is crucial that disability parking spots are made with much more space which will make driving and parking a lot easier for those who are using wheelchairs or walkers. Having more space in the parking area also promotes ease when walking with an old person.

Adjust the bathroom

Every single day, most people using wheelchairs and other support go through trouble when trying to use the bathroom. It is necessary that some simple changes are made to the bathroom to make the everyday experience that they get in the bathroom so much better. To promote a much more comfortable and accessible bathroom room, look into increasing the space of the bathroom and have adjustable features that will help the user be more comfortable. Be sure to focus on the entrance to the bathroom as well.

The floor tiles

It is crucial that you choose floor tiles or any other floor type that is no slippery. Having a slip resistant and a skid proof flooring is a must have to grantee the safety of your loved one. Moreover, you need to guarantee that the fittings of the bathroom are strong as well. Rather than going for a glossy finish, it is ideal that you aim for a safer texture when it comes to the flooring choice of your home.

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