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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Treadmill in Australia

Thinking about buying a new treadmill in Australia? There would be a lot of options, so you may need to be careful. Here is a list of mistakes you might want to avoid when browsing for products:

Not Considering Horsepower

Some specs on a treadmill can confuse new buyers. While you don’t need to understand all the technical specifications, you do need some understanding of what horsepower is. It’s what shows how powerful the motor is.

If horsepower number is below 2, then you are getting a fairly slow machine suited mostly for power walking. At 2 HP, you can do light running. For actual jogging indoors, you would need 3HP or more. Go ahead and speak to a professional today to understand horsepower better and pick the number that suits you the most.

Not Thinking About Storage Space

Where do you plan on placing your treadmill? Would it go in a separate gym room, or would you need to cram in in an apartment’s living room? Space consideration should be given careful thought before you buy.

If you have limited space, then you might want to invest in a compact or foldable treadmill. Otherwise, you can go for full size. Think about storage when browsing products so you would still have a place to put it once the treadmill is delivered.

Don’t Give Into Gimmicks

When you see a treadmills prices well over a $1,000, you should really understand on what the money is being spent. Extra hundreds of dollars will be worth it if you go for more horsepower in the motor or a larger size you require. But really think hard about whether you need an in-built stereo system that costs some 2 or 3 hundred more. Some gimmicky features like an extra cup holder can be useful. but always consider the value of the gimmick against the price you pay.

Know the Weight Cap In Advance

Treadmills have weight caps like most usable machines. Do understand what this cap is before you start using. Most average sized treadmills can support weights up to 200 kg. However, weight capacity varies between machines. Therefore, always check this before you purchase.

Not Checking the Belt Size

The belt is part of the treadmill that you walk or run on. You may not give much thought to this, but the belt size is very important. Mainly, the belt should have enough width to support your legs. Length isn’t much important, but width is. It should be wide enough for you to walk with some space left on the sides.

Noise Can Be a Problem

The noise is probably not something you give much thought to when buying a new treadmill. But it should be, especially if you plan on using it indoors. Some treadmills are very loud, and may disturb roommates or other family members nearby. If you want a quietly working machine, pay attention to the noise level from the start.

There are other factors to consider as well, such as belt cushioning, brand name, overall size and so on. But as long as you avoid making major mistakes as mentioned above, you would be fine buying a treadmill.

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