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Types of Treatment for a Sports Injury

Treatments and recovery after a sports injury can be tough. Sometimes injuries can be treated on the field itself while some might need more further looking after including surgeries. Knowing what kind of treatments should be done for different types of sports related injuries and accidents will help you to get into the treatments as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common ways to treat sports injuries and help you get back on the field again.


This is the treatment given for minor injuries such as sprains, and strains and can be treated at home. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Once you have a minor injury the first step is to rest the area affected. If it is your leg, use crutches to support it. If the injury is in your hands, then use sling to keep it well rested. The next step is to apply an ice pack on the area for fifteen to twenty minutes in every three ours. Then use compression bandages to reduce the swelling. Keep the inured part elevated, above the level of your heart as much as you can.


Those recovering from a serious injury or have had to go through immobilisation will find physiotherapy or PT useful. PT helps you to regain the mobility and balance you lose as result of serious injuries or long term rest though the use of techniques such as massage and exercises. A therapist suggests to you an individualized plan based on the injuries you sustained and the area affected. If you are looking for treatments to help you get back in field after an injury try reaching for a sports physio gold coast to help you with a treatment plan.


While most injuries do not require surgeries, some of the more and serious injuries might require you to go under the knife. This is generally reserved for injuries that are severe such as broken bones. In such a case a surgery has to be performed to fix the broken area with rods, plates or screws. After a surgery you might be required to rest the injured area for a time of few days to a few weeks depending on the severity of the injury and the treatment procedure. Keep in mind to follow the post-surgery treatment plan if you want to achieve full recovery.

Corticosteroid Injections

While the pain or inflammation from most injuries can be treated with pain killers and the pain only last for a short time, Corticosteroid injections are recommended for case of constant severe pain and inflammation.  The injections help with pain relief and if needed can be repeated and you will only be needing two to three injection per year. The injection does come with side effects however. The side effect may include skin thinning, fat loss and sometimes infections.

Injuries on sports field is fairly common. Not all of them are serious and will need huge procedure such as surgery but all of them require rest for a proper recovery. You will also have to follow the recommended treatment procedure that is best suited for each injury in order to get the maximum benefits of the treatment plan

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